Blue Flower

With over 10 years of biodiesel production experience, ATX has become a leading supplier of highest quality, premium grade biofuel. Extensive investment in both plant and R&D means our biodiesel surpasses every aspect of the European Standard for Biodiesel - EN14214. 


ATX is proud to offer for sale, a viable form of alternative, renewable diesel, now modified for use in all diesel engines. We are also a supplier of top grade Red Diesel and Kerosene bought directly from the terminal, to ensure the best price to our customers. We supply to everyone from individual vehicles, couriers and transport companies, to several other biodiesel suppliers and diesel filling stations located throughout the UK, always at the lowest available prices. We also supply methanol, KOH and a whole host of fuel additives designed to keep your vehicle running at its best on biofuel, and at the highest percentages to maximise the advantages biodiesel has to offer.


To view our entire product range please click on the following link: ATX Products.


Please take a look around our site. Here you'll find plenty of useful information, including how to start using biodiesel in your vehicle, common misconceptions about biodiesel, as well as opening times, today's prices and where to find us. Our biofuel is available more cheaply than mineral diesel, so as well as a whole host of environmental and vehicle benefits, you'll also save money.


For anyone new to biodiesel, interested to know how to make it and to learn the advantages of running on biodiesel, the best place to start is here: Biodiesel - A Brief Introduction.

Please note we use the words Biodiesel, Biofuel and B100 interchangeably on this site. All mean the same thing , FAME made from Waste Vegetable Oil

The UK's Leading Supplier based on number of individual customers supplied to from sites at ATX (Nottingham and Ollerton) and from fuel supplied to its partner sites.